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Fighting types are weak against psychic and flying types.

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Flying and Psychic type Pokemon are strong against Fighting types.

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POISON, FLYING, BUG and PSYCHIC Pokemon are strong against FIGHTING-Type moves.

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Psychic and Flying are very effective against Fighting type pokemon.

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Q: What Pokemon types are strong against Fighting?
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What pokemon are strong to slaking?

Fighting types are strong against normal types.

What does fighting Pokemon get beaten by?

Flying and Phsychc types are strong against Fighting types

What Pokemon types are strong against Bug?

Bug-type Pokemon are strong against Grass, Fighting, and Ground-type moves.

Are Fire-Type Pokemon strong against Dark-Type Pokemon?

No. Fire-Types are strong against Grass-Types, Bug-Types, Ice-Types, and Steel-Types. Dark-Types are weak against Bug-Types and Fighting-Types.

What type of Pokemon are weak and strong against dark types?

Weak: Psychic Strong: Fighting

What is a weakness of psychic type pokemon?

Psychic is strong against Poison and Fighting, weak against Psychic and Steel, and has no effect on Dark. Bug, Dark, and Ghost are strong against Psychic. Psychic and Fighting are weak against it. There are no types that have zero effect on it.

What kind of Pokemon are strong against physicked types?

Mostly bug and ghost and dark. Not fighting that is bad

What are steel type Pokemon weak against?

They are strong against a lot of types. They are weak against Fire, Fighting, and Ground though XD. They are also weak against water types.

What is the domanant type against Fighting types in Pokemon?

The "domanant" types against fighting types are flying and psychic.

What is the weakness of fighting Pokemon?

Fighting Pokemon are weak against Psychic types and Flying types. Ghost Pokemon are also a good choice against Fighting types since Fighting and Normal type attacks don't effect them.

Which type is strong against steel type Pokemon?

Fire, Fighting and Ground Type moves are super effective against Steel Types.

What is Milktank's weakness in Pokemon Soul silver?

Fighting types are strong against normal types so get one and level it up that's what I did