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Hitmontop is a Fighting Type pokemon which are weak to Psychic, Fairy, and Flying type moves.

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Q: What moves are strong against Hitmontop?
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What level does hitmontop learn his moves in Pokemon crystal?

At level 1 doofus

What Pokemon types are strong against Bug?

Bug-type Pokemon are strong against Grass, Fighting, and Ground-type moves.

What moves are strong against the Pokemon Kingdra?

Dragon Type's And Ice Moves Like Dragonite Garchomp etc.

What type is strong against grass Pokemon?

Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice type moves are strong against a Grass type Pokemon.

What strong against graveler in soul silver?

Graveler is a ground and rock type pokemon, its weak against grass type moves, water type moves, steel type moves, ground type moves and ice type moves.

What moves are strong against Machamp?

Machamp is a Fighting type pokemon which are weak to Psychic, Fairy, and Flying type moves.

Are ghost type moves strong against ground type moves?

poison, electric, fire, rock, and steel

What Type Are Strong Against Fairy Pokemon?

Poison and Steel type moves are good against Fairy type Pokemon.

What type of Pokemon is strong against electric types?

Ground Type moves are super effective against Electric Types.

What are Poison Type Pokémon strong against?

Poison-Type moves are only strong against Grass-Types. Poison-Type Pokémon are strong against Grass-Types, Bug-Types, Fighting-Types, and other Poison-Types.

Which types of Pokémon are strong against Dragon-Type?

Dragon-Type moves are only strong against other Dragon-Types. Dragon-Type Pokémon are strong against Fire-Types, Water-Types, Electric-Types, and Grass-Types.

How do you get a Hitmontop?

You get a Hitmontop by evolving a Tyrogue. Tyrogue evolves on lv20 into Hitmontop by it having high speed and it should evolve into a Hitmontop.