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Dragon Type's And Ice Moves Like Dragonite Garchomp etc.

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Q: What moves are strong against the Pokemon Kingdra?
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What moves are super effective against kingdra in Pokemon emerald?

See, electric type moves are effective against water Pokemon. Thunder or Thunderbolt are powerful attacks very effective against water Pokemon such as kingdra. ACTUALLY, since Kingdra is a dragon type too, electric type moves are just normally effective. Dragon type is super effective against Kingdra. But then Kingdra would be supereffective against you too!

What is kingdra weak against?

Kingdra is weak against dragon type moves.

What moves dose kingdra learn in Pokemon flora sky?

Kingdra learns only Dragon dance

What Pokemon types are strong against Bug?

Bug-type Pokemon are strong against Grass, Fighting, and Ground-type moves.

What type is strong against grass Pokemon?

Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice type moves are strong against a Grass type Pokemon.

How do you make the man outside of the dragons den to go away in Pokemon crystal?

You have to beat the gym leader Claire. An easy way to do it is catch a Swinub in the ice cave and then train it into a Piloswine and use ice moves against her Dratinies. Then use a strong leaf Pokemon for her Kingdra.

What Type Are Strong Against Fairy Pokemon?

Poison and Steel type moves are good against Fairy type Pokemon.

In Pokemon Soul Silver what is Clair's Pokemon Kingdra's weakness?

It's only proper weakness is dragon type moves

What is the weakness to dragon Pokemon?

Dragon type moves are only strong against dragon type Pokemon.

What moves are strong against Machamp?

Machamp is a Fighting type pokemon which are weak to Psychic, Fairy, and Flying type moves.

What moves are strong against Hitmontop?

Hitmontop is a Fighting Type pokemon which are weak to Psychic, Fairy, and Flying type moves.

What Pokemon types are strong against Fighting?

Fighting types are weak against psychic and flying types.