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See, electric type moves are effective against water Pokemon. Thunder or Thunderbolt are powerful attacks very effective against water Pokemon such as kingdra.

ACTUALLY, since Kingdra is a dragon type too, electric type moves are just normally effective. Dragon type is super effective against Kingdra. But then Kingdra would be supereffective against you too!

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Q: What moves are super effective against kingdra in Pokemon emerald?
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Is there a different way to get Kingdra on Pokemon Emerald?

No, there is only one method to get Kingdra.

Can Kingdra learn TM thunder in Pokemon emerald?

no it can't.

What Pokemon type do you use against Kingdra?

Kingdra is a Water and Dragon type pokemon.

How does seadra evolve on Pokemon emerald 386?

Seadra can be evolved into Kingdra by using a water stone

Which level does seadra evolve on on Pokemon emerald?

train it to lvl 38 and trade it then pickaboo it will evolve into kingdra

How do you evolve kingdra in emerald?

Kingdra does (not!) evolve! smart one! lol

Can you list the Pokémon of the elite4 in Pokémon emerald?

well, the champion's Pokemon are crawdawnt, whiscash, kingdra, and a few more

What level does seadra evolve into Kingdra in Pokemon emerald version?

you have to trade a seadra while it is holding a dragon scale

How do you beat Juan's Kingdra in Pokemon Emerald?

A powerful electric Pokémon with Shock Wave will take it out pretty quick.

Were do you get a KINDRA on emerald?

to get kingdra you cant evolve it from seadra by gaining lvls, instead you have to make seadra hold a kings rock and trade the seadra to another pokemon game and it will evolve into kingdra

What is a Pokemon dragon scale?

An item that, when held by a "seadra" whilst trading it, will evolve it into a "kingdra". (Part of the completion of the emerald pokedex)

What type of Pokemon do the 8th gym leader have in Pokemon emerald?

Mostly water types but he has a Kingdra so watch out.