What lvl is bandos?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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"Bandos is VERY good armor! >:)"

However.... you must have

65 defence in order to wear bandos and it takes forever to get enough money.

Bandos' level is unknown for he is a runescape GOD.

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Q: What lvl is bandos?
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What should I get full bandos or a ags im lvl 130 and poor as crap which would be better for me?

To be honest with you Full Bandos is the best armor I've ever used. However, if you're a pker Armadyl godword is amazing. It's your decision. I use bandos for everything. From slayer, to mini games PVP.

What does gonthorian wear?

Bandos tassets, bandos chestplate, maybe bandos boots and bandos gloves, slayer helm, and I'm not sure what type of Godsword.

What is the armor that gonthorian wears runescape?

The Answer To Your Question Is A Slayer Helmet, Bandos Chestplate, Bandos Tassets, Bandos Godsword And Bandos Boots Hope I Helped :)

How do you get a free bandos godsword?

You can get bandos god sword by killing bandos boss which he drop bandos hilt than u need have god sword n combin them together u get bandos godsword and have sex

What is the 317 code on moparscape for bandos?

thats simple, really... when you go on google, just search: runescape item ID list This is what i found: 11696 Bandos godsword 11704 bandos hilt 11724 Bandos chestplate 11726 Bandos tassets 11728 bandos boots

Bandos god sword?

A bandos godsword also known as bgs is one of the godswords. A bandos godsword comes with a variety of objects to add to actually make it into a bandos godsword. A Bandos godsword cannot be a bandos godsword unless it has a bandos hilt which can be obtained by killing the bandos god in god wars dunegon or the grand exchange if you have enough money you need 100mil to buy it at grand exchange.

What is the bandos shoulder armor called?

Bandos Chestplate

Bandos codes for frugooscape?

They currectly have no Bandos items in FrugooScape.

Moparscape bandos code?

there is no bandos code. sorry guys

How do you get a bandos chestplate?

the bandos boss general something drops this rarely and you can also get a bandos hilt, tassys, boots and gosword shards

What is bandos?

Bandos is a god in the game of RuneScape. He is known as the war god.

Do monsters drops bandos chestplate?

The only monsters that drop Bandos Chest plate are the Bandos General and his three body guards in the god wars dungeon.