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Q: What level defence do you need to wear bandos body?
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How do you get a free bandos godsword?

You can get bandos god sword by killing bandos boss which he drop bandos hilt than u need have god sword n combin them together u get bandos godsword and have sex

Bandos god sword?

A bandos godsword also known as bgs is one of the godswords. A bandos godsword comes with a variety of objects to add to actually make it into a bandos godsword. A Bandos godsword cannot be a bandos godsword unless it has a bandos hilt which can be obtained by killing the bandos god in god wars dunegon or the grand exchange if you have enough money you need 100mil to buy it at grand exchange.

What defence level do you need to wear adamant gloves?

it is lvl 30

Were a bandos hilt?

There are 2 ways to get a bandos hilt on Runescape. 1. Go to god wars dungeon and kill 40 hobgoblins and then enter the bandos boss rune and you could get a bandos hilt drop your stats are required to be above 80 and have around 10mill. 2.Buy a bandos hilt from the Grand Exchange for 22m to complete the godsword u need the other shards.

What defence level do you need to be to wear Elite armour?

Lv 40 defense

What defense level do you need for void?

To Wear/Wield void, you will need level 42 attack, strength, defence, hitpoints, range and magic and level 22 prayer.

What level does graverler evolve on Pokemon tower defence?

You need to trade it so it can evolve into a Golem.

What level are Dharoks in runescape?

To wear Dharok's equipment, you need 70 defence; for the greataxe, you need 70 attack and 70 strength.

What level in runescape do you need for a dfs?

If by 'dfs' you mean the dragon fire shield, the requirement is 75 defence.

Does a granite shield count as a bandos item?

No,because there would be need to be about 4 other shields to.

When going into the bandos dungeon does everyone attack you including the boss?

Yes, they do unless you are wearing a peice of Bandos equipment, like bandos boots, then noone will attack you in that area of the dungeon unless you attack them first. When going to the God Wars dungeon, having a peice of equipment of the type of god side you are fighting would be wise. this is a wrong answer because there are zammy people in the bandos chamber as well as bandos ones so u would also need a zammy item such as unholy book or zammy mage cape. ~Angelsblade0~ if u enter the area with the boss and his 3 generals they all will attack you no matter what you are wearing, or who attacks first. last time i went to bandos boss i wore bandos chestplate, and bandos godsword and they still attacked me even though i didnt attack them.

Which is better dragon or barrows?

You need a higher level of defence to wear barrows. Therefore, I think Barrows is better.