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Lv. Move 23 Body Slam 43 Earth Power 58 Superpower

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Q: What levels does nidoqueen learn new moves?
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Which levels do hunter learn new moves?

@ lv 35, 40 and 52

At what levels does Charmeleon learn new attacks?

Use Tms so it can learn moves at any level

What levels do kakuna learn new moves?

It learns Harden at level 7, and that's it.

What levels does chameleon learn new moves?

3 8 11 44 66 100

Which levels do Raichu learn new moves?

Raichu doesn't learn any new moves, you have to teach them to pikachu and then evolve him/her into raichu. -Hope this helped!! :)

Will a Pokemon learn the same moves as to evolving and learning them that way?

It depends on the Pokemon. Most evolutionary forms will learn the same moves as their pre-evolutions, only at later levels, but some pre-evolutionary forms learn moves that their evolutions don't. This happens with some Pokemon that evolve by evolution stone, where their evolutions don't learn new moves.

When do Unknown Pokemon learn know new moves?

Unknown do not learn new moves. Hidden Power is its only attack.

How do you change moves on Pokemon Blue?

That depends on what you mean. If you mean change the order that the moves are listed, press Select while in battle in your Attack menu. If you mean learning new moves, simply level up to certain levels (depending on the Pokemon) and you will learn it, or use TMs and HMs to automatically learn moves.

Can kindra learn new moves?

Of course it can learn dragon moves such as dragonbreath and dragon dance and also can learn moves like twister and waterfall.

Do level 100 daycare Pokemon learn new moves in diamond?

Because a level 100 Pokemon can no longer level up, it cannot learn new moves in that way. However, move tutors can teach a Pokemon new moves regardless of level, as can TMs and HMs. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, there is also a man who will teach your Pokemon moves it could have learned at earlier levels in exchange for a Heart Scale.

Which levels do Riachu learn new moves?

it depends on which place ditto is. as if it were in a cave. then you would need a dusk ball. if it is outside. i would recommend an ultra ball

Are there reasons why my Pokemon has not learn any new moves?

because when you get to a certian level you have learnt all the moves it will learn by level