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Ninjask is a Bug and Flying type Pokemon that evolves from Nincada at level 20. In the third generation it learns new moves at levels 20, 25, 31, 38, and 45.

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level 45

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Q: What level does ninjask learn moves in Pokemon emerald?
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What level does ninjask learn dig in Pokemon emerald?

If you level it up to level 45 you will be able to let it learn dig, but remember you'll have to delete a move to learn it.

What is the fastest Pokemon in emerald?

The fastest Pokemon you can get is ninjask catch a nincada train it to level 20 and it will become ninjask.

What level does ninjask learn dig?

Ninjask can be taught TM28- Dig.

What level does ninjask evovled into shedninja in Pokemon emerald?

Ninjask doesn't evolve into Shedinja. In fact, Nincada evolves two ways, Ninjask or Shedinja, depending on how full your party i once your Nincada levels up to Level 20. If it is FULL, it turns into Ninjask. If your party is NOT FULL, it evolves into Shedinja. Hope this helps. ~Pth

When does nincada learn dig in emerald?

if you don't have the TM dig on EMERALD version, only the following Pokemon can learn dig: SANDSHREW- Lv 41 NINCADA- Lv 41 IF THEY EVOLVE, THEY WILL NOT LEARN IT!!!!!!

When does typhlosion learn eruption in Pokemon emerald?

At level 74

Where to get shadow punch in Pokemon emerald?

I am pretty sure your Pokemon can learn it on a high level. :)

What level learn Flaygon earthquake on Pokemon emerald?

Only by Tm

How do you get really rare Pokemon in emerald?

I don't really know some other rare Pokemon but I do know how to get shedninja in Pokemon emerald. First, you have to find a nincada that has a bold nature and evolve it into ninjask. Right after it evolves, look in your party and you might have a shedninja that says you met it at the same level in the same area at the same level caught with the same kind of pokeball, the same ID number as ninjask, and even the same move set as ninjask. What I think is really weird about shedninja is he only has 1hp and it never gets more hp as you level it up. Hope this helps.

Where to catch sheninja in Pokemon Emerald?

You Can't just catch Shedinja. To get one you have to catch a Nincada on Route 116. I think there around level 6. then advance it to level 20 the normal Evolution point to get a Ninjask. but if you have only 5 pokemon in your party the Nincada will evolve into a Ninjask and the open space you will get a Shedinja. Enjoy.

What level does gyados learn hydro pump in pokemon emerald?


Does mightyena learn crunch in pokemon emerald?

yes it does.......around level 48