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It evolves through happiness

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Q: What level does Togepi evolve in pokemon crystal?
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What level does Togepi evolve in Pokemon white?

You have to evolve it with its happiness level at 220.

What level evolve Togepi in Pokemon gold?

You have to have it have high happiness. It doesn't evolve at a level.

In Pokemon LeafGreen what level does Togepi evolve?

It doesn't evolve at a specific level in fact you can have a level 6 togetic as long as togepi's happiness is at the max level.

How do you evolve Togepi on Pokemon diamond?

You bring it to level 50

What level does Togepi evolve on pokemon crystal?

Togepi evolves when it's happiness value is at 220 or higher when you level it up. you can raise it's happiness value by winning battles and giving it items, and gaining expert points.

What level does Togepi evolve in Pokemon shiny gold?

You have to level it up with high friendship.

At what level does pigeotto evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

In pokemon crystal Pigeotto evolve in 36lvl

What level does Togepil evolvel in Pokemon crystal?

Togepi does not evolve normally, that is, by leveling up. Togepi evolves via a Friendship Evolution. Once a Togepi's happiness is maxed out (easily done by having it hold a Soothe Bell), it needs only to gain a level (either normally, or by using a Rare Candy). It will then evolve into a Togetic.

When will Togepi evolve in Pokemon Silver?

Level it up when it its happiness is full

How can you get your togepi to evolve?

You evolve Togepi by Level up with Happiness at 220 or higher. You can't te;ll how many happiness your pokemon has though.

Pokemon SoulSilver how to evolve to Togepi?

It needs max loyalty with its trainer you can evolve togepi in one level has long as its happiness with its trainer is at the max.

What level does Togepi evolve at on Pokemon platinum?

Togepi evolves when its hapieness metor is full. Then level it up and it will evolve into Togetic. Give it a shiny stone after if you want it to evolve into Togekiss From, The Game Wiz