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You bring it to level 50

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Q: How do you evolve Togepi on Pokemon diamond?
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How do you make Togepi evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Leave it with the nursery

On pokemon who does Togepi evolve into?

It evolves into Togetic and then in later versions of Pokemon like Diamond/White it turns into Togekiss.

How do you get togetic in diamond?

You must first get Togepi on route 230 using your poke-radar. Then you must get Togepi to evolve into Togetic. Togepi is a happiness evolution, which makes sense as Togepi is a egg Pokemon.

When does Togepi evolve in pokemon heartgold?

For a togepi to evolve you need to give it 220 happiness

Pokemon Diamond what level does Togepi evolve?

Togepi evolves with high friendship. Give it poffins, vitamins, don't let it faint, level it up, etc.

Does Togepi evolve in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes Togepi does evolve in Pokémon SoulSilver. It does evolve, but instead of evolving by levels, it evolves by happiness, which happens in every other Pokemon game with Togepi

Does Togepi evolve in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes, togepi does evolve by friendship only

Your Togepi wont evolve?

(this is how to evolve your togepi on Pokemon diamond or pearl) to get your togepi to evovle take it to the massage place in veilstone city and do it again the next day and feed it as many spicy poffins as possible! then look at the app number 20 and see if your togepi is on there if it is in second place or higher it will evolve at the next level! enjoy your togetic!

How do you catch togetic in Pokemon diamond?

you can only evolve a togepi its in route 230 it will take a while though. hope i helped

Where do you get a togetic in Pokemon Diamond?

You get a togepi egg in Pokemon Platinum, not Diamond.

When does Togepi evolve on Pokemon Gold?

When it likes you. This is one of the Pokemon that evolve through friendship.

Can you evolve Togepi on Pokemon Sapphire?

Yes, it will evolve through happiness.