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if its on the mission then this is the walkthrough* is its not then u cant

*Click G

Click 3rd speech

Click 2nd speech

Click 1st speech

Go in the Gadget Room

Scroll left

click thing i majic 3000 (if u want)

scroll left until u get to the shelf

click the life preserver shooter in top left

put it in inventory

go out of gadget room

click on map

go to beach

go to lighthouse

scroll left

click rope in boat

put it in inventory

click on map

go to ski village

click on brown penguin

click 1st speech

click fur

go to winter sports shop

scroll right

click belt on penguin to make is trousers fall down (had to put that in) xD

put it in inventory

go to ski village

click lift

put belt in open space

click brown penguin again

click 1st speech

go in lodge

scroll right

click rod

put it in inventory

go to mountain

click avalanche

click middle path

click right path

click left path

click right path

click middle path

attach preserver to rod and rope

click gap with broken fence with preserver

click broken branch

click first person

click second person

click snowy branch

click person just right to snowy branch

click person on sonwy branch

drop them all off next to the rock

now put them all on preserver

click 4th person

but preserver in inventory

Click g

click fisrt speech

give g fur

click anything u want


add me im picklesno5

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Q: How do you save the avalanche penguins in Club Penguin?
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What do you do after you save the penguins in the avalanche rescue mission in Club Penguin?

find the fur near the ski lodge and give it to G

What do you look for after you save the penguins on the club penguin avalanche rescue mission?

White hair. You find them near the Ski lift at the Ski lift. Give them to G.

How do you save the penguins from the ice burg on club penguin?

you dont

How do you do misson 4 on Club Penguin?

g to box to mission to save penguins

What do you do in the avalanche rescue in clubpenguin?

you have to save the 4 penguins.

How do you get to club penguin without going to miniclip and Club Penguin com?

you save it on your favorites or save it on your desktop.

How do you save on Club Penguin Nintendo DS?

you have to press save on the DS -P.S I lay club penguin i am ten years old and my club penguin name is sparkles 201

How do you save on Club Penguin?

You dont save, it save automatically

How do you save Club Penguin?

You Sign out!

Is Club Penguin save?

Sort-of. It is 90% Save, for children under 10. Some penguins/people type in some bad words or not nessacersay words. And that is not good. cannot understand the question

How do you save the penguins in mission 4 in Club penguin?

Get the 50 cal. machine gun under the tree. Then shoot the lion on the hill. Use the fur as a rope and you win.

How do you save a game in club penguin computer?

you should try look for the club penguin help or ask the club penguin staff to help you solve it.