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There is no other place to get it besides Mount. Coronet. Sorry

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Q: Dragon claw Pokemon diamond besides mount coronet?
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What are all the other dragon type Pokemon?

Besides diamond, pearl and platinum Pokemon the dragon type Pokemon are: Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, Rayquaza, Altaria, Flygon, Shelgon, Salamence.

How do you appear Dialga on Pokemon Pearl?

You can only get Dialga (Steel, Dragon) in Diamond. In pearl you get Palkia (water, Dragon) found on top of Mt. Coronet, and part of the main mission.

Draginaire Pokemon Diamond?

Dragonair (oftentimes misspelled as Draginaire) is a dragon type of Pokémon which can fly with no wings. To get one in Diamond version you have to fish at Mt. Coronet.

How do you get lucious orb in Pokemon diamond?

I think you mean the Lustrous Orb, Raises the Water and Dragon-type moves of Palkia and is found in Mt. Coronet. :~)

What is a dillga in Pokemon Diamond?

Dialga is the legendary Pokemon that appears on the opening screen. After rescuing the legendary trio from Cyrus, it will appear on mt coronet. It is a steel/dragon type Pokemon and will know roar of time.

Where do you find TM dragon claw in Pokemon pltnum?

Dragon Claw can be found on Mt. Coronet.

Is this a good Dragon team for Pokemon Diamond?


What dragon Pokemon do you catch in Pokemon diamond other than dialga?

Giratina(Ghost & Dragon)

Where can you catch dragon Pokemon diamond?

In mt coronet there is a lake with a waterfall. after youget the national dex go there and you can catch a dratini. In the cave under cycling road you can capture a gible. Does that help?

Where is the person that teaches your dragon type Pokemon attacks only for dragon type Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

on a hill

Pokemon Diamond which type Pokemon can defeat dragon type Pokemon?

dragon Pokemon are weak against ice attacks as well as dragon type attacks.

What is best to fight dragon type Pokemon besides other dragon types?


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