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You have to level it up with high friendship.

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it evolves when you have a great bond with your togepi

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Q: What level does Togepi evolve in Pokemon shiny gold?
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What level does Togepi evolve at on Pokemon platinum?

Togepi evolves when its hapieness metor is full. Then level it up and it will evolve into Togetic. Give it a shiny stone after if you want it to evolve into Togekiss From, The Game Wiz

How do you evolve Togepi on pokemon daimond?

To evolve Togepi, you need to make it have the highest possible friendship. Friendship points are gained when you walk with Togepi in your pack, make Togepi grow levels, or give Togepi items. Once it's friendship level is maxed out, make it grow a level and it will evolve into Togetic. You can make Togetic evolve by giving it a shiny stone on it. It will evolve into Togekiss.

Can you get togekiss in Pokemon HeartGold?

"yes you get a togepi from professor elm. and all you have to do is level it up to where it will evolve into a togekiss." This is actually not true. Yo first get a Togepi, you need the Egg from Professor Elm. Then it'll hatch into a Togepi. When it's happiness level is up to 220 it will evolve into Togetic. Then, you need to use a Shiny Stone on him to evolve into togekiss.

How do you get a togekiss in pokemon soulsilver?

You get a togepi from mr Pokemon then evolve it with friendship to togetic then you use a SHINY stone, not dawn stone, to evolve it xD

Pokemon platinum how to get a togetic?

You don't need an Action Replay!You can get a shiny togetic by chaining a togepi to shiny.Evolve Togepi by get its Happyness/Friendship to max! :)u guys are retards catch regular togepi and evolve it by making really happy with u then evolve togetic with a shiny stone who ever likes shiny Pokemon is a retard shiny Pokemon are bull crap

What doesTogepi evolve into?

togekiss but it can only evolve on dimond and pearl platinum it evolves with a shiny stone Togepi evolves through friendship into a Togetic. Then will evolve into Togekiss if you give it a Shiny Stone. Togepi will evolve into Togetic on any Pokemon Version, but Togetic can only evolve into Togekiss in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver.

Is your Pokemon team good in soul silver I have a flaffy a Charmeleon a croconaw a grovyle topegi Heracross?

You should evolve all your Pokemon that can evolve to their final form. Everyone of your Pokemon evolve by level except for Togepi and Heracross. Togepi evolves by happiness into Togetic and then a shiny stone to get a Togekiss. Heracross can't evolve so he's good. Hope this helped!

Can you get Togikiss in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes, You get an egg from Mr. Pokemon that is Togepi. You become friends with it than it will evolve. Then you use a shiny stone on it to evolve it into Togekiss.

Does Togepi evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

dude that's wrong you need it to love you very much! putting it in the party first place holding a shellbell helps too.he has to reach to a certain levelyou give it the shiny stone!no you dont! you make a togepi love you very much and then it will evolve into togetic and eventually a shiny stone will evolve your togetic into togekiss!

Is the Pokemon Togepi supposed to evolve into lugia?

NO!!!! It evolves into togetic (with high happiness) then togekiss (with shiny stone).

How can you evolve Togepi in Pokemon indigo?

Train it to lvl 18 and then give it a shiny stone from the pokeshop to evolve it into a togekiss

You give it shiny stone then level up?

No. To evolve a Pokemon with a shiny stone, it has to be in your bag, and then you have to use it on the Pokemon you want to evolve.