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It could mean that your computer is not compatible with Roblox or something with the download or your software is wrong.

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Q: What is wrong on roblox if it says that the game is unavailiable?
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When i tipe my last chaos account it says password unavailiable and i tiped it right?

what is my name?

How do you stop a vireus on roblox?

ROBLOX won't give you a virus when you download it, anyone or anythign that says it does is wrong. ROBLOX has been downloaded for at least 2 years on my computer and nothing bad happend.

What does it mean on roblox when it wont conetct to the game?

This means just what it says: your computer cannot connect to the roblox game. Sometimes, it's just a bad server. Other times, it's just nothing, and restarting the game will work.

How can you enter a game on roblox?

You click the button games then look for a game you think is cool then click the Green button that says "PLAY"

How do you put a a image on your roblox game?

Upload a decal image to Roblox.Open "My decals" in roblox studioFind your decal and place it in your game.

When will roblox shut down?


Your Roblox always says the game is not available what happened?

Your problem is an common glitch in Roblox. One thing that may have happened is the server that you are trying to join has just shut down. The website says the server is still running even though it is not, and so you cannot join the requested game.

Who can you chat with on roblox?

If you are in a Roblox game, you can chat with anybody. If you are not in a game, it will depend on your privacy settings. To check them, click on the button that says 'Online' at the bottom right corner of the website. Then, click on 'Settings'. From there, you will be able to view them and change it as you wish.

How do you get your game to play solo in roblox?

sadly, the only way to play a game solo is to look at the game and see if it says 'play solo' to the right of the play button

How do you activate roblox game card?

To activate a game-card, click the Builders Club tab on your header. On the left of the page, there will be a green button that says "ROBLOX Card"; click it. Enter the PIN from the back of the card and click Redeem.

Why can't i download Roblox?

You can download Roblox on the Roblox website. Just try to play a game and you will be redirected to a page that gives instructions on how to download and install the game. And if you are still having problems then contact builderman.

What is the site that has roblox toys?

On the home menu in roblox, there is a link on the left that says buy roblox stuff". click on it