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This means just what it says: your computer cannot connect to the Roblox game. Sometimes, it's just a bad server. Other times, it's just nothing, and restarting the game will work.

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Q: What does it mean on roblox when it wont conetct to the game?
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Why wont the play button work on ROBLOX?

Maybe your computer or Roblox hanged..If not, you can try refreshing it or trying another game. If this still not work, ask Builderman about it.

Why wont roblox work when I go on a game it freezes and crashes then I have to wait 5 mins to go back on?

ROBLOX might not of downloaded right when you downloaded it or, your internet connection might be bad.

How do you get free biulder's club in roblox?

you wont. but there is time when they did. ------ by ilovedogs2 ( my roblox username)

How in rokemon roblox do you get the dig tool?

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Why wont the insert button work on roblox?

you cant use the insert tool in someone elses game u have to "build" in your own place to use it and you need roblox studio then you will get the insert key.

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Is there a cheat for tix on roblox?

yes,but i wont tell u

You play roblox you mistaken it for somthing else you deleted it and now it wont work?

Uninstall roblox, start, all programs, roblox, uninstall, then reinstall it after downloading it again. Or just redownload and reinstall roblox.

Why wont roblox work it says it failed your credentials?

you do not have enough GCSE's

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Where is the underwater treasure on Roblox?

99% of people who view this wont know what your talking about, your the 1%

How can you talk in roblox cause it wont let you?

Make a parent account for your person and you can edit him