Who can you chat with on roblox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you are in a Roblox game, you can chat with anybody. If you are not in a game, it will depend on your privacy settings. To check them, click on the button that says 'Online' at the bottom right corner of the website. Then, click on 'Settings'. From there, you will be able to view them and change it as you wish.

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Q: Who can you chat with on roblox?
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Can you chat on super safe chat Roblox?

You are able to chat on Roblox's "super safe chat," however there are multiple difficulties with Roblox's filtering AI system. It filters simple words, which may be annoying.

Can only builders club member on roblox type chat?

Yes only builders club can type chat on roblox or v.i.p

How do you get free chat on roblox?

To get free chat in ROBLOX you have to be 13 or older. When you create your account, they will check if you are 13 or older by you birthday information.

How do you use your own chat on roblox if you already have an account with safe chat on?

Make a parent acount and change the settings on ur roblox

Why there is no more chat in roblox?

There is, you just have to switch from supersafe mode to safe mode on "my roblox".

How do you chat in roblox mobile?

You Cannot Chat in Ipod Touch or Iphone only in a Ipad

How do you make a parent login on Roblox?

look this up on youtube- How To Get Free Chat On Roblox (2012)

What chat games kids can play?

in Roblox .com

How do you do free chat on Roblox?

13 or over can talk

What if there s no parent log in roblox?

there will be no free chat for user who have safe chat. BRENDAN WROTE THIS

How do you change chat settings on roblox?

Make a parent account for your avatar and personalize your chat settings

How do you open chat menu on roblox?

To open the menu chat on Roblox simply click the "Menu" button in the lower left corner of the game screen. From here you can select what to say, then click it. To close the menu chat click outside the menu chat menus.