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Your problem is an common glitch in Roblox. One thing that may have happened is the server that you are trying to join has just shut down. The website says the server is still running even though it is not, and so you cannot join the requested game.

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Q: Your Roblox always says the game is not available what happened?
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Why is there maintenance on roblox?

The Roblox Admins are always working to make the website and the game better. When the site is down for maintenance, that means that the Roblox Admins are updating the game.

How can you change your email on roblox with gmail?

my roblox always is updating when im trieing to play my game

When did they make roblox?

Roblox's domain was registered in 2004, so production on the game was started by then. The first public alpha release of Roblox was in 2005. Roblox is technically still in beta, so the full game is not yet completed. The game will actually never be completed, because there is always going to be some new update.

Why won't roblox let me play any game's?

It might be that you don't have active x enabled on your browser. If this is the problem, try using the Roblox browser. Go to start --> Roblox --> Play Roblox. Then find the game in the Roblox browser and hit play. If this does not work, the problem might have been caused by a Roblox installer problem. Roblox is always working on these problems though so it might work later after Roblox fixes the problem.Answer 2: Look I think that when you start a game it just stays as a sky and then says " an error has ocourred when starting ROBLOX " and to be honest that happened to me! first of all let me say going to bed and going back on the next day doesn't help! look ROBLOX has probably updated and everyone is having trouble,what I think is just leave it and it will sort itself out.

Where can you get roblox game card in Thailand?

Game Cards are not currently available in Thailand. The only way of purchasing one is to do it over the internet.

What is roblox's username?


What is a roblox game that begins with a you?

A ROBLOX game that begins with a you begins with a you!

How do you put the tools in a game of roblox?

Roblox studio

do you like roblox?

i love roblox my fav game on it is adopt me check it out

Is Roblox an awesome game?

ROBLOX is the best game that has ever existed in the whole of the universe

Is roblox an online game?

Yes, ROBLOX is a kid-friendly free online game.

How do you downlod Roblox?

You click on the game you want to play and Roblox will guide you to downloading the game.