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Code name: Oak's Letter

Game version: Platinum

Code device: Action Replay

Activation sequence: Press L+R to activate


94000130 FCFF0000

B21C4D28 00000000

b0000004 00000000

0000AA3C EDB88320

2000AA68 00000009

d2000000 00000000

Note: Code not personally tested.

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Q: What is the shaymin action replay code for Pokemon platinum?
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Is Shaymin in Pokemon Platinum? pearl and diamond with action replay

Where is shaymin in pokemon SoulSilver?

You can only get it in Platinum or get it with a Action Replay or Gameshark

How do you get shaymin on Pokemon platnium via action replay?

search platinum action replay codes then import the code to the action replay

How can you get shaymin without an action replay in Pokemon Platinum?

The only way to get Shaymin in Pokémon Platinum without an Action Replay as of August 15, 2013 is by arranging a trade with another player that would have Shaymin and would be willing to trade it to you.

How do you get a shaymin in Pokemon Platinum?

Action Replay Code,Oak's Letter,Trade,11th Movie Shaymin,And That's About It!

How do you get shaymin on Pokemon platinum?

you can get Shaymin by the action replay or through sept.28-oct.8 with the mystery gift.

What conditions do you have to meet to encounter shaymin in Pokemon platinum?

use a action replay code

How do you see a shaymin?

Shaymin can only be found by using the Action Replay or participating events. In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the event for Shaymin had expired. Trading or using the Action Replay are the only ways to encounter it.

Is there an action replay code to turn into shaymin in Pokemon platinum?

It's 451df5gs61d651b6h1t69s4h91hb61h6sh hndf78nh56545j16df4j6gh4j61dj65h1j6g 6n156fjn6vg51jy61j65j1s96dj16rsd1j6sd

How do you catch a shaymin on Pokemon platinum?

You need Oak's letter. you can get this from an event or use an action replay

Can you use an action replay shaymin to get the graceia flower in Pokemon platinum?

No,when you have a shaymin in you party go to floroma town and a women will give you one. [ you can use it more than once.]no he means his shaymin is from the AR (action replay)

How do you get a level 100 shaymin in Pokemon platinum?

the best way to get a shaymin level 100 is to get action replay max or rare candy and beating the Pokemon lege