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you have to purchase an action replay. then, you can type in and research Pokemon platinum action replay codes.

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Q: How do you put in codes in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where do you put the cheat codes in for platinum?

If its Pokemon Platinum, then you need the Action Replay which you can purchase at Gamestop. It's a slot that you put in your DS and you load it and put the cheat codes in.

How do you put in the cheat codes in Pokemon Platinum on the Nintendo DS?

action replay

Where to put Pokemon platinum codes?

on your action replay click the * to go to codes then click (add new code)

How do you use action replay on Pokemon Platinum?

Well you find codes and put them into your action replay folder for Pokemon platinum. There are different codes for different uses. Then you follow the instructions of each cheat when you start the game.

Dsi cheat codes for Pokemon Platinum?

how can i get a level100 palkia in pokemon platinum

All Pokemon Platinum ar codes?

if you find a website about Pokemon platinum AR codes email me at

Does Pokemon Pearl Action Replay codes work on Pokemon Platinum game?

I HIGHLY doubt Pokemon Pearl AR cheat codes will work in Pokemon Platinum =]

What happens after you put in your action replay after you put in Pokemon platinum's game id?

Nothing actually. you can enter codes. or get penal cancer

Pokemon Platinum cheat codes?


How do you get celebi on the action replay dsi for Pokemon Platinum?

go to the actionreplaydsi app on your computer then go to UK codes and put that Pokemon platinum cheat on it and it will have a wild Pokemon modifier and you can chose any Pokemon. p.s. there is a cheat to be all wild Pokemon will be shiny

How do you get Pokemon Platinum on the action replay to input codes?

put the code in the AR, check the code than start the game

Where do you type codes in Pokemon platinum?

you don't type any codes anywhere