How do you see a shaymin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Shaymin can only be found by using the Action Replay or participating events. In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the event for Shaymin had expired. Trading or using the Action Replay are the only ways to encounter it.

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Q: How do you see a shaymin?
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Does Shaymin have an evolution?

Shaymin does not evolve. The alternate you see that is advertised for Pokemon Platinum is a different form of Shaymin, just like the alternate forms of Deoxys.

How do you get the sky version of shaymin in Pokemon platinum?

First you have to get a shaymin.Then go to Floroma town and you will see a lady standing on the road.Put shaymin first in your party and talk to the lady.She will give you a flower.Give the flower to shaymin and shaymin will change form.

In Pokemon platinum where is the spring you find shaymin in?

first you have to get oak's letter then you go to route 224 then go there and yyou will see a rock and oak says who are you thankful for and put shaymin the just follow the path all the way till you see shaymin

Why isn't Shaymin at Flower Paradise?

If you used an AR to walk to the flower paradise then you will not see Shaymin. Nintendo decided to get on top of that ability to just walk to shaymin. You have to get Oak's letter on mystery gift and take it to the guy in Victory Road. He will let you pass and you can go get Shaymin.

Where do you get the gradicea flower in platinum?

You must bring a TRU Shaymin to Floaroma Town in order to get the Gracidea Flower. A TRU Shaymin is the Shaymin you receive at a Toys'R Us Pokemon event. Unfortunately this event has passed, but you can still use someone else's TRU Shaymin to get the flower. You bring the TRU Shaymin to Floaroma and speak to a female NPC roaming around the town. When she see's the Shaymin in your party, she will give you the Gracidea Flower. The flower can be used on any kind of Shaymin.

How do you get the flower for shaymin on SoulSilver?

Well first you need a Shaymin of course. When you have it put Shaymin first in your party. Then you go to Goldenrod City and find the flower shop. As soon as you go in a girl will see that you a have a shaymin and will give you the flower that you need to transform shaymin to its sky form. After receiving it go to your adventure items and use it on shaymin. It will then change form. This will only work after you have obtain the national pokedex. It only works in the daytime.

How do you get sky forme shaymin?

with an action replay make the Shaymin like the one from TRU then get the item.without action replay get the event shaymin from TRU and go talk to all the people in floroma town one of them will give you the garcidea use it on shaymin for platinum onlyIn Platinum, bring Shaymin to a girl in Floraroma town and she will give you the Gracidea Flower. Use it to tranform Shaymin. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, you can get it from the girl in the flower shop in Goldenrod City.

How do you get shaymin without oak's letter?

CHEAT=) get an action replay i got mine for around 20 bucks at a wallmart or target then put the walk anywhere code in it and theres this long strip of water you can ride your bike across then you will see shaymin. or get a code that just gives you shaymin or get the shaymin event code then you will get oaks letter

How do you get the gratitude flower for shaymin in platinum?

Go 2 Floaroma Town there's a sign that says Floaroma Town Vivid and Scented go to the left and u see a lady talk 2 her and see will give u the gratitude flower witch makes shaymin to sky form shaymin in the game the flower is called Gracidea

In Pokemon platinum an action replay event shaymin from pearl doesnt get you a gracidia why?

The Shaymin Event doesn't get you a Gracidia, the event gets you Oak's Letter which tells you to go to Route 224. Then you see Professor Oak, then you see Shaymin, which runs off to this garden. Follow it, battle it, it's Lv30, catch it, then go to Floaroma Town, then you will find a blonde. Talk to her, with Shaymin in your team, then she will give you one of her Gracidia's.....on Platinum NOT Diamond or Pearl as Shaymin Sky Forme only exists on Platinum, same with Giratina Origin Forme.

How do you get to the flower pardise in Pokemon pearl?

Go to a Nintendo event, you know, the shaymin event, get Oak's letter, and go to route 224 on your Pokemon game. Go to the rock that tells you that it has a mirror like surface, there you will find Prof.Oak. Talk to him and you will open the path to shaymin. You will also see shaymin come through, and go back. Use a bike, then ride staight up, and after about 2 minutes on your fast bike, you will see shaymin. This is were the flower paradise is, and shaymin is at level 30. You may want to use a master ball.

How do you get shaymin in diamond?

Go to route 224 and talk to Oak (you will need Oaks letter) talk to him and the area will change to flowers and Shaymin will show up. Shaymin will see you with Oak and run down spring path. Follow Shaymin down spring path and you will find him. Fight Shaymin and you can catch him with a Ultra ball if you do not have a Master ball.You have to use an action replay and choose the walk through walls trick. if you would like i could give you my shaymin. My name is Dawn and friend code is 3351 3144 8036. go to Wishing Celebi's profile and you'll get your shaymin.