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Well first you need a Shaymin of course. When you have it put Shaymin first in your party. Then you go to Goldenrod City and find the flower shop. As soon as you go in a girl will see that you a have a shaymin and will give you the flower that you need to transform shaymin to its sky form. After receiving it go to your adventure items and use it on shaymin. It will then change form. This will only work after you have obtain the national pokedex.

It only works in the daytime.

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Q: How do you get the flower for shaymin on SoulSilver?
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How do you get gracidia flower in SoulSilver?

By taking shaymin to the flower shop in goldenrod city.

Can you get a Gracidea Flower in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes, you can get a Gracidea Flower in "Pokémon SoulSilver." In Soul Silver you have to go to Goldenrod City's flower shop (with traded Shaymin not Action Replay Shaymin) and talk to one of the sisters there.

How do you get a gracidea flower in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Show Shaymin to the woman in the Flower Shop in Goldenrod City. This is the shop where you get the Squirtbottle and buy mulch.

How do you make shaymin change forms?

there is a certain flower and it acts like the grisseuos to giratina. i dont remember what flower it was. but if have heartgold or soulsilver, you take shaymin to the flower shop in goldenrod city, and make sure shaymin is outside its pokeball. when you walk in she will tell you, shaymin is cute and then she will give the flower.

How does shaymin turn into sky?

Depends on the game, dude. Platinum: Go to Floaroma Town (North of Jubilife). Then, talk to a girl outside the Berry/Flower Shop. She will give you the item caled Glacedia's Flower. Then, catch Shaymin in the Flower Paradise. Now, give Shaymin the flower. It will become Sky Form Shaymin now. It also becomes a Grass/Flying Type. To revert it back to normal, remove Glacedia's Flower from Shaymin. HeartGold/SoulSilver: Take your Shaymin to the flower shop in Goldenrod, and you'll get a Gracedia flowe

Can you get a gracidea flower if your shaymin is from trade?

Yes you can get a Gracidea Flower from the lady in Floaroma Town with a Shaymin that you have received in a trade just as long as it has a fateful encounter flag on it and you can only get a Gracidea Flower in Pokémon Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

How do you get the graceidea in Pokemon SoulSilver?

talk to the woman on the flower shop next to the goldenrods gym with shaymin first at your party.

How do you get sky Shaymin in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Either wait for an event to occur or use the Pokemon modifier AR codeYou have to have a legit shaymin the trade it from d/p/pl then take it too goldenrod flower shop as soon as you walk in a girl will give you a gracidea flower use that on shaymin to get sky forme Your welcome

How do you get shaymin in hg?

You can't get Shaymin in Heartgold and/or Soulsilver without cheats.

How do you turn shaymin into a sky shaymin on Pokemon diamond?

You need to get the flower, by taking a LEGIT shaymin to the flower shop, talking to a certain girl, who will give you a flower of which you must use on the shaymin. It will work if the shaymin is LEGIT.

Where do you find a shaymin in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Shaymin cannot be found in Soul Silver.

Where is Shaymin in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

you cant catch shaymin is hgss ); sorry. LOL