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Q: What is the polar bear species called in the golden compass?
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What is that movie with the polar bear and the girl?

The Golden Compass=)

Is nothern lights the same as the golden compass?

The Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon also known as the aurora borealis, which is seen in the Earth's polar regions. The Golden Compass is a fantasy novel by Philip Pullman that features a device called an alethiometer, also known as the golden compass. The two are unrelated concepts.

How many hairs does a polar bear have?

Polar Bears have 5 million hairs on there body. :) Watch the Golden Compass!

What types of games children play in Canada?

I saw a documentary about Canada called the golden compass. It seems like Canadian children equip their pet polar bears with magical armor and fight other polar bears and arctic wizards.

How do you pronounce the polar bear name in Golden Compass?

Iorek Byrnison's name is pronounced 'YOR-ek BUR-nis-on'

Did Lyra in the golden compass love roger?

Lyra had a close bond with her friend Roger in "The Golden Compass," but their relationship was more of a deep friendship rather than romantic love. Their connection was based on loyalty, care, and mutual support throughout their journey.

What is the name of the amoured bear in the film called The golden compass?

In the movie The Golden Compass or the book Northern Lights, they are called Savalbjorn, not polar bears. There are only two they tell us the names of: Iorek Byrnison (the one that is loyal to Lyra) Iofur Raknison (the one that took over when Iorek was banished)

What are the common names of the rosemary plant?

Polar plant, compass-weed, or compass plant.

What species are polar bears?

Polar bear is their species. They are a type of marine mammal.

What is the female polar bear's name?

Female bears of any species are called "sows", as in swine. Males are called 'boars".The female of any bear species is called a "sow".

What two places can a compass not be used?

a compass can be used anywhere.... the accuracy however may suffer in the magnetic polar regions. Then of course there is outer space where a compass would not work

How many species live in the polar region?

Polar bears are in the phylum Chordata, which contains 2 species.