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You have to finish the mission to trap the polar bear.

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Q: How do you trap the Polar bear in club penguin?
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What do you use to trap the monster in club penguin?

I got a lot of codes and they worked heres 1 ufomask

Do on Club Penguin what do you do with the candle?

The candle is in mission 5 and you simply get a piece of rope and a piece of net from the beach and in the lighthouse then you put the net and rope together and it makes a trap. Now you hang the trap outside behind the Ski Lodge and then you place the candle in the trap.

How do you get out of epf trap in Club penguin?

Hard! Just Fire a snowball at the electricity box with the lighting on it! OH and if you can throw a snowball at trap before you get trapped. Easy! just Fire a snowball at the electricity box with the lighting on it! OH and if you can throw a snowball at the trap Before you get trapped.

How do you get out of the cage in the 6 mission in club penguin?

when you get in the Polar Bear will trap you and tell him a story of his adventures. After that, get out a Puffle O and throw it at the lever to the side of the gate open thing (it will be a red lever).8. Once you do that throw another Puffle O at the top of the ramp that tilted. Then throw the Puffle O on the platform that is raised. Then the gate will open! After that, try to get out an the door will open but snow will fall on it that will not let you out. After that collect the hot sauce, which is on the table, the rope which is on the boards, the anchor, and the diagram of his machine which is on his wall.

HOW DO YOU get your penguin on Club Penguin elite force?

You can't do it by yourself. You need someone in the force to give you an invitation then you will be able to do the test, which consists of hiding from the camera, going onto a green square, racing to a red square and not stepping on a trap. If you get 2 of these elements right, you will become a Elite Penguin Force Member. And, if you ask the question,"If you need an invitation from an existing Elite Force Member, how did the first person to get in the Force get in?" then it is a very good question and I honestly can't answer that, unless there used to be another way to get into the force, or if Club Penguin themselves gave someone an invitation.

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