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The Golden Compass=)

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Q: What is that movie with the polar bear and the girl?
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Is Knut the polar bear a boy or a girl?

He is a male polar bear.

How do you know if it's a girl or a boy polar bear?

A girl polar bear has really white fur and she is kinda smaller the the boy polar bear, girl polar bears, are more nicer and friendly then boy polar bears.. boy polar bears are fatter and darker color fur the the girls. the boy polar bear always protect the girl polar bear and the cubs , the cubs are the baby's.

What Go Diego Go movie is great polar bear rescue on?

its on a DVD called The Great Polar Bear Rescue at Bali

What is the name of the girl polar bear in the book seekers?


How does the polar bear help the polar ice?

why does the polar bear helps the polar ice

Which is bigger polar or grizzly bear?

The grizzly or brown bear and the polar bear are basicly the same size.

Is polar bears the biggest bear?

The Polar bear is the biggest bear.

Which animal is bigger the polar bear or the brown bear?

The Polar Bear.

How do the male polar bear and the female polar bear have the baby polar bear?

just like human do .

What can you do with a polar bear?

Nothing. A polar bear will eat you.

Is polar bear polo polar bear abuse?


Who lives in a polar bear's den?

A polar bear.