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Yes, a polar bear could quite easily overpower a condor.

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Q: Is the polar bear stronger than the Andean condor?
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Is a Phoenix stronger than a polar bear?

A Polar Bear is much larger in size as well as weight when compared to a Tiger. The Polar Bear is the largest carnivore walking this earth. Siberian Tigers are huge but they are not as huge as a polar bear. Due to its sheer size polar bears are stronger than tigers.

Who would win a fight 2 black bears a grizzly bear and a polar bear?

It's likely that the polar bear might win the fight. 2 black bears would first go for the grizzly bear and work together to swat that thing to death, but a grizzly bear would also fight back. If the grizzly bear did this, it might have a chance to win, but it could get seriously hurt. Then, the polar bear could kill the injure grizzly bear by biting that thing on the throat.

What is stronger a grizzly or a kodiak?

The polar bear is stronger because it is the largest species of bear in the world, however, it is not more aggressive than the grizzly bear. Male polar bears can weigh up to 1000 lbs (half a ton) and stand up to 10 feet tall (on their hind legs). A big grizzly male can weigh up to around 800 lbs.

Are lions stronger than bears?

I think the bear is stronger. Its 2 times bigger, meaning larger muscles. Though the lion is mostly likely to be more agile and faster being a cat. Anyways, its such a bad idea to be around either when its not feeling so friendly, since they are way way stronger than the strongest human.Depends on the bear. Lions may be stronger than panda bears and red panda bears, but not against grizzly, brown or polar bears. A black bear may even be stronger (though slightly) than a lion.No. Bears weigh from 500-1800 pounds, while lions weigh 500-550 pounds. A single bear, like a brown bear or a polar bear, could kill an animal like moose and muskox, where a pack of lions sometimes has difficulties bringing down a buffalo. If the bear is injured or is in a bad health condition, then a lion might have a better chance to kill it.Another AnswerYes. A pack of lions are definitely stronger than a single bear, no matter what species.

Which would win in a fight a polar bear or a wolf?

A polar bear no doubt, its more as 10 times as heavy. it could easily take the wolf down to the ground and bite to death. Polar bear wins. the only animal that could challange a polar bear on land is a Siberian tiger

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What is stronger lion or a polar bear?

A lion is smaller than a polar bear and the polar bear has a height and weight advantage, so a polar bear is stronger.

Barbary lion or polar bear which is stronger?

Of course the polar bear is stronger. Polar bears are bigger and stronger than grizzly bears, while grizzly bears are stronger and larger than lions.

Are polar bears stronger than black bears?

The polar bear is much stronger than any black bear. Even a very large male black bear would be no match for a female polar bear.

Is the grizzly bear stronger than the polar bear?

Yes,it is

Lion and bear which is stronger?

Depends on what kind of lion or bear it is. African Lion is stronger than a sun bear, sloth bear, and a black bear, but is weaker than a grizzly, polar, and kodiak.Polar bear.

Is a hippo stronger than a polar bear?


Is a polar bear stronger than a gorilla?


Is a male polar bear stronger then the female?


Is a polar bear stronger than a lion?


What is the animal of Ecuador?

Well there is a bear which is a native animal and there is a lizard the monopolizes lizard

Who would win polar bear or a black bear?

The polar bear. Polar bears are much more larger and stronger than grizzly bears, and grizzly bears are bigger and stronger than black bears.I think the black bear even though it wasn't much of a predator.Answer 2:The polar bear would definitely win the fight because the polar bear can even kill a brown bear.

Are polar bears stronger than lions?

Yes, because a polar bear is heavier and larger than a grizzly bear.