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That would depend on the strength of the ten men, and the size of the polar bear.

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Q: Can ten unarmed men kill a polar bear?
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The enemies for polar bears?

yes a polar bear has enemies . a walrus andsome ethier stuff. Enemies: Other polar bears and humans (1) directly, and (2) indirectly by humans through loss of habitat for oil exploitation, sea pollution and global warming. Bear cubs are volurable to wolves.whales

How many men would it take to kill a tiger bare handed?

Five unarmed large men with good wrestling and kung-fu skills could kill a tiger.

How many men would it take to kill a wolf bare handed?

A strong, healthy man of a good defense can kill a wolf with bare arms.Another AnswerTwo averaged sized men are actually enough to kill a single wolf unarmed if they both are very good at kung fu or sparring.

Whats the Phylum of Polar Bears?

The Phylum of a polar bear is Chordata. two and a half men eats a dead seal

How has man influenced the polar bear and the habitat?

People have influenced the polar bears by hunting them and leading them to extinction. Men also made the polar bear in extinction by creating a global warming that made the icebergs melt and now, a small amount of habitat is left for the polar bears to live.

How are humans killing polar bears?

because were creating more green house gases then there should be and making more global warming which is melting the ice so the polar bears cant get food. we arent dont it on purpose. we're just people. In other words, yes there are.

How many men would it take to kill a bear bare handed?

Yes, if they punch the bear very hard all at the same time, and fists the bear hard.

What feeding adaptation and habitat has a white polar bear got?

jdjtme7;lmeylm nly;emel;nme;lme;lmnl;men;smnts;

What are Arctic foxes predators?

Predators of the Arctic fox include tundra wolves and sometimes polar bears.Young pups can be snatched away by snowy owls and golden eagles.wolves, polar bears, owls and eaglespolar bears, golden eagles, men, red foxes, and wolf packsredfoxes and eaglesArctic foxes don't usually have predators, however polar bears may kill them.Their main predators are the polar bear and wolf. When pups are young, however, owls and eagles are their predators as well. and bears can eat them too

Is the black bear stronger then a polar bear?

Polar bear, because when both the brown bear and the polar bear stand up, the polar bear would be taller by about 3 feet, and have more mass. Polar bear would kill brown bear if it wanted to, but not easily.

What does the story of Beowulf reveal about the customs and beliefs of the Danes in the period?

it takes courage to kill a bear and save other men's life

Why did Oliver Cromwell kill innocent women and children?

Yes, In his Irish campaign he slaughtered many unarmed men, and innocent women and children. The most notable example of this was in the siege of the town, Drogheda. Look it up on Wiki for more info.