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There are two missions like that. One is The Secret of the Fur Mission (mission 5) and the other is Mysterious Tremors (mission 8).

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Q: What is the mission you get the pizza from on Club Penguin?
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How do you get the pizza for green penguin on club penguin mission 8?

On mission 8, Mysterious Tremors, to give the penguin a pizza go to the pizza parlor and ask the dude for a pizza. Then give it to the penguin.

On Club Penguin on mission 8 how do you talk to the penguin with a newspaper?

Get him a Pizza.

Club penguin how to earn the penguin in line a pizza on mission 8?

Go to the pizza parlor and the waiter him for a pizza with fish

In mission 6 in club penguin where do you find the hot chocolate?

In the pizza shop

In club penguin mission questions for a crab what do you do after you feed it pizza?

you pull the lever!

How do you pass the pizza mission on club penguin ds?

Look for all the people

On club penguin elite penguin force for ds how do you finish the pizza mission?

we don't know yet

Where is the sheet music on the club penguin mission clock repair?

It is in the pizza shop by the piano

Whatwhere is the bait for the monster on Club Penguin Mission 5?

the candle in the pizza parlor

Where do you find the music notes on mission 7 on club penguin?

It is under the pizza parlor piano.

How do you order the pizza on Club Penguin mission 8?

first talk to the green penguin then he will tell you that he wants adouble meat and extra fish pizza so go to the pizza parlor then ask him for a pizza the you grab the pizza and give it to the green penguin the he will give you the newspaper

What order do you play the notes on the piano in club penguin?

For mission seven, you get the sheet music in the pizza parlor.