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In Club Penguin you cant actually deliver a Pizza lots of penguins pretend to deliver pizza but you cant actually hold a pizza. But in club penguin if you have the chefs hat and apron if you start to dance your penguin will make a pizza.

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Q: How do you deliver a pizza in club penguin?
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In club penguin elite penguin force who do you deliver the pizzas to?

Okay go and ask the pizza dalivery guy and he will tell you where to deliver them to! okay :) ~bnb795627

Where do you deliver the pizza on mission 5 on Club Penguin?

you give it to the person ice fishing at the ski lodge.

Where do you put the pizza a in Club Penguin?

in a pizza box

How do you beat club penguin elite penguin force on mission penguins have the wrong orderhelp pizza chef with the mix up?

find all the people he is talking about and then talk to them and they will say what wrong pizza they have and what pizza they had to have and then pick up the wrong pizza and deliver it to the other right one.

Where is the second penguin who ordered the pizza on club penguin?


Club penguin how to earn the penguin in line a pizza on mission 8?

Go to the pizza parlor and the waiter him for a pizza with fish

How do you get the pizza for green penguin on club penguin mission 8?

On mission 8, Mysterious Tremors, to give the penguin a pizza go to the pizza parlor and ask the dude for a pizza. Then give it to the penguin.

How do you feed Herbert on club penguin?

veggietarion pizza from pizza shop

Where do you get the candle from on club penguin?

In the pizza shop!

Where is the pizza shop on club penguin?


Can you make pizza on club penguin DS?


On Club Penguin on mission 8 how do you talk to the penguin with a newspaper?

Get him a Pizza.