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Q: Can you make pizza on club penguin DS?
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Who delivered which pizza in club penguin ds?

you are meant to

What room is the penguin in who orderderd the squid pizza on the club penguin DS game?

at the pool underground

How do you pass the pizza mission on club penguin ds?

Look for all the people

On club penguin elite penguin force for ds how do you finish the pizza mission?

we don't know yet

How do you tell the pizza penguin on club penguin that you already delivered the pizza?

just touch him with your stylus (if its the ds version) and he'll give you smoe coins

Where is the penguin that ordered the desert pizza in club penguin ds game?

He is at the iceberg watching clouds, (he's yellow).

What if the penguin doesn't let you in the night club in club penguin ds?

just make sure its the right one (i know, i completed the ds club penguin game.)

Were is the cove in Club Penguin ds?

There is no cove on Club Penguin DS.

How do you use a dgamer that is for club penguin the ds game?

U need to make an account on dgamer and sign in on the club penguin ds game

Where can you download Club Penguin on ds?


On Club Penguin ds where is the dojo?

nowhere that was the very old version of club penguin

Club penguin elite penguin force ds?

its club penguin but a lot harder but on ds too