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You can only get a Pizza ap

ron if there is a special party

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Q: How do you get the pizza apron on Club penguin?
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What is the unlock code for the pizza apron on club penguin?

There isn't a code to unlock the pizza apron on Club Penguin. You need to buy it when their selling it in the Gift Shop.

What is the club penguin code to get the pizza apron?


What is the code for a pizza apron on club penguin?


How do you flip a pizza on club penguin?

Wear the pizza hat and pizza apron and then dance

Do you have to be a member to get the pizza apron in club penguin?

of corse u do

How do you get the pizza apron stamp on club penguin?

Well, you have to have a Pizza Apron for that and then go to the pizza parlor and dance 5 times using the emote.

What do you do with a pizza apron in club penguin?

you could make pizza but you cant serve it to penguins

How do you do jobs on Club Penguin?

To do jobs on Club Penguin you need the apron. Like if you want to make pizza and work in the pizza parlor, you need the pizza apron. I am Ringling9 I am always on Walrus Watch out for me

How do you deliver a pizza in club penguin?

In club penguin you cant actually deliver a pizza lots of penguins pretend to deliver pizza but you cant actually hold a pizza. But in club penguin if you have the chefs hat and apron if you start to dance your penguin will make a pizza.

Where can you buy the pizza apron on club penguin?

It is in the gift shop but not anymore.

How an you get a pizza apron on club penguin?

go to the pizza parlour and on September 22nd it will be there in your mailto buy.

How do you get pizza apron on Club Penguin?

In the Gift Shop's catalog it sometimes comes.