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No there is 2 types of hdd on the ps3 one is for the internal that connects via sata, and the other is external and uses usb.

The internal have to be a 2.5 inch drive it basically a laptop drive, its impossible to fit a 3.5 inch desktop hdd bc its not room enough. Now sony doesn't give a official hdd limit but listen just as long its 2.5 inch and spins at 5400 rpm than it should be good. Some people claim 7200 rpm overheats, but I got a 5400 and it works like a champ. This Western Digital 1 TB (1.000 GB) works bc its 2.5 inch and 5400 rpm.

With the external its theoretical infinite bc you can use hubs to switch between the hdd so its really infinite of how many drives you can have connected into the system.

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Q: What is the maximum capacity of HDD on PS3?
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What is the price of PS3 in Bangladesh at Dhaka?

from 30000 to 38000 tk based on version and HDD capacity

Will your 40 gb PS3 have backwards compatibility if you change your hdd not your PS3 but the hdd itself for one with more memory?


Can you swap the 80gig hdd to the 60gig PS3?

Changing HDD in the ps3 is very simple here's a tutorial.

What if your 60gb PS3 got the ylod and doesn't work you get a slim can you put your hdd in your friends 60gb PS3 and back it up to an external hdd?

No you cant!.

Can you download playstation3 games to PS3 hdd?

Yes but its only for the internal one not usb hdd.

Can a PS3 slim hd fit into a PS3?

Yes they both have standard notebook HDD

What to do if your ps3 keeps on saying the hard drive disk needs to be restored?

time to buy a new HDD for the PS3. I've had this problem before and I took the HDD out of the PS3 and was testing it in a PC, found a bunch of bad sectors. Bought a new HDD from and it totally fixed the issue.

How can you transfer your PS3 data from the computer back onto the PS3?

When I upgraded my HDD I bought an external HDD backed up ALL of the data on my PS3. Then I suppose you could copy that onto your PC. TO get it back to your PS3 system you would have to use an external HDD and just copy everything over. Or use lots of Memory Sticks.

What if your 60gb PS3 got the ylod and doesnt work so you get a slim can you put your hdd in your friends PS3 and back it up to an external hdd?

Simply no bc the hdd`s content is encrypted to your ps3 serial number, so in other word just format it and begin all over.

Is it possible to swap PS3 hdd with PS3 slim hdd?

Yes, it is possible to swap HDDs between PS3 slims and PS3 fats. Simply remove the hard drive from both your PS3s and switch them. All your saved games, music, and movies should all be on your Slim PS3.

Can you get HDD off your dead PS3?

That depends on what 'dead' means.

Can you replace the 120HDD to 360HDD on PS3?

Yes you can upgrade the HDD on a PS3. Not sure whether 360HDD is available in standard notebook size, but 320 HDD is and I some larger more expensive sizes are said to be available.