How many players is MAG on PS3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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256 players maximum can play in one match.

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Q: How many players is MAG on PS3?
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How many players can do ps3?

Depends on the game and whether you are online where MAG can have 250 players

How many players play the PS3 game MAG?

Online you can get up to 256 players, but if you mean the whole community you'd have to look that up.

How many people can play on a PS3 at once?

It depends on the game, but 7 controllers can work on the PS3 and some games have more than 4 players although many only have a single offline player. Online MAG may have 250 players i think 2 players

What game mode is the best in mag on ps3?

Domination, where there is 256 players on ONE server total chaos but totally fun

How many players can play on PS3?

four players

How many players can you play with in PS3?

Two players

Is there cheats for MAG for PS3?


Is the game MAG on the xbox 360?

No, MAG is exclusively for the PS3.

How many players can play sims 3 on ps3?

2 players

Are there cheats for mag PS3?


Does mag for ps3 have split screen?

no it does not

Can you play mag on Wii?

No MAG is a PS3 exclusive and not available for the other consoles