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i still do! add me monkey_cheze

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Q: How many players are playing MW2 on ps3?
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Do any players play cod on the ps3?

Yes if you mean the Call of Duty series including MW2

Who hosts challenge lobby's for MW2 on ps3?

No more Mw2 Challenge Lobbies on Ps3 because of the new Ps3 Patch.

I play MW2 on the PS3.Why is it on MW2 you keep getting Stimulus map games when you are not even playing the Stimulus playlists?

It just happens. I think it is IWNET's fault.

How do you hack mw2 for ps3?

you cant

Can you download mw2 for ps3?


Is hacking MW2 on PS3 a vires?

No it is not.

Is there a infinite health glitch for MW2 ps3?

No, there is no infinite health glitch for MW2.

Does anyone have all the emblems on mw2?

if u have ps3 add ownupwnu69 for mw2

Is MW2 for the PS3?

Yes. (almost as good as the XBOX 360's mw2)

How many players can you play with in PS3?

Two players

How many players can play on PS3?

four players

Can you have 3 people playing on local on black ops ps3?

No two players max from same ps3