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Oddie - because he shares the same code as snookums snookums is any Star Blossom any Star Blossom and any Star Blossom while the code to catch Oddie is Purple Star blossom black star blossom and yellow star blossom (both have all 3 seeds as star blossom) so if you get lets say... 2 of oddies code purple star and black star and the other seed wasn't right you'd get snookums and if you choose to set him free to continue trying to get Oddie the plants (I THINK) will automatically dig themselves up and you will have to start again

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Q: What is the hardest moshling to get?
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What is the second hardest moshling to get?


Who is the most rare moshling?

Contributors have said that I.G.G.Y is the rarest moshling. Because of his rare seed combination, I.G.G.Y is the hardest moshling to get. Another difficult moshling to get is Roxy becuase a moshi monsters moshling collector's guide needs to be purchased to find out her combination.

How long does it take to get Oddie?

Usually about a month- if you got it the first time (VERY rare) you sure are a good moshling collector. Watch out though- sometimes Snookums can come if you plant the wrong seeds, Oddie is the hardest and rarest moshling to catch,

Which moshling is moshling 1?

Actually there is a moshling number 1 and it is a secret moshling to get that moshling get all silly pepper.

Can non members have waldo the moshling?

Yes. You have to plant the following plants of: a pink love berry, a red star blossom and a purple dragon fruit. You will then get Waldo, the ultra-rare moshling. If you want the rarest moshling of them all, get bonkers: 1 purple crazy daisy, 1 black moon orchid and 1 orange moon orchid, the hardest part of the moshling combination, making it extremely hard and almost impossible to get. So hard, I tried to get it, but gave up after weeks of waiting!

How do you walk your moshling?

go into your moshling zoo and click on your moshling and then leave your house and go outside and you can walk your moshling and you can only walk one; if you are not a member you can not walk your moshling

What is the moshling on the cover of the Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo Game?

All the moshlings are on the cover of the Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo game. The moshling in the circle that says "Exclusive In Game Moshling" is Nipper the Titchy TrundleBot which is the moshling you get with the code that comes with the Moshling Zoo Game.

Is flumpy a moshling?

Flumpy is a Moshling, a pluff one. It's a Rare Moshling.

Is the Purdy the moshling on Moshi Monsters a rare moshling?

No, Purdy is a Common Moshling.

Where is the 27th moshling on moshling zoo?

the 27th moshling is kissy in the spookies category

How old is Chop Chop the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters moshling do not have a specific age. To give your moshling an age, use the date you attracted the moshling to your Moshling Garden.

How do you get the moshling sushi?

This isn't a Moshling.