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the moshling that walks with you is the one at the top of your list in your moshling zoo. So all you have to do is change the moshling at the top of your list and bam a new moshling will follow you :)

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Q: How do you switch the pet your walking with on moshi monsters?
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How do you dress up your pet moshling on moshi monsters?

There is no way to dress your pet moshling in moshi monsters.

Can you have two pet monsters on one membership moshi?

Sadly no, you cant have two pet monsters on one Moshi Monsters Membership. (plz add me on moshi monsters, my usernames are bubble8950 and flowerluver895 :) )

How do you feed your pet baby dinosaur on Moshi Monsters?

Pets, or Moshlings, on Moshi Monsters, do not need to be fed.

What is moshi monsters virtual pet?

a moshling

How do you move your pet in Moshi Monsters?

Click on the floor where you want your monster to go and you will hear a whistle and the monster will start walking to the spot where you clicked.

What is the best website for pet adoption?

moshi monsters

Can you choose what pet you walk on moshi monsters?

yes you can

What are some place where you can get a virtual pet?

Moshi monsters

Does Fiji sell Moshi Monsters?

No fiji dose not sell moshi monsters,But do sell littlest pet shop and lego.

What is BLURP?

Blurp is a moshling - a pet for a Moshi Monster - in the online game, Moshi Monsters.

How do you get a pet in Moshi Monsters?

well you have to plant a flower then get to be a happy monster to make your plant grow quicker when it grows all the way then you get pet on moshi monsters add me dylanka

What are moshlings and can you buy them at the pet shop?

A Moshling is a character in the game Moshi Monsters, an online game. To get a moshling pet in the game, Moshi Monsters, you go to and sign up for a free basic membership or for a paid membership. If you want to buy a Moshling toy, you can order them online from the Moshi Monsters store on the Moshi Monsters web site.