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Q: What is the connection name on psp network?
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How do you get a network connection for a psp?

just open the wlan button.

Is a psp go a phone?

No it is not a phone and uses the Mobile network connectivity (3G) for internet connection

When connecting to the internet on your psp it blinks connecting to internet then says fail connection?

I know how to get internet on your psp, it took me really long but now ive figured it out. first you will need a router, that's the only way i know. Then, on your psp, you scroll down to the network settings under settings, then you press X. Then you select infrastructure mode. select new connection then select scan. Before you choose an access point, look under your router, it should say the SSID name and NETWORK KEY. check your SSID name on ur router, the name should show up on your psp. This should be the strongest connection so select it. After you select ur connection, press the X button again. Check under ur router for the network key then type it in, when you've done that, keep on pressing the X button till it says TEST CONNECTION. your psp should be right in front of your router.

How does one get the Internet on their PSP?

To get access to the internet on your PSP, you will need access to a WIFI connection. This can either be from your homes router, or free one in a cafe. Then, head to the Settings in your PSP, Network Settings, Infrastructure Mode, New Connection, Scan and then select the correct wifi connection. Enter the password if require and your PSP will then attempt to connect to the internet.

How do you get the Internet to work on the PSP?

You go to settings, then network update, then you go to new connection, then you choose scan, then you choose a connection, and you follow the instructions from there.

What is an SSID for a 3DS?

The SSID is the identifying 'name' of a wireless network. The PSP can connect to wireless networks, you can set it to scan for one, or if you already know the name, enter it manually.Obviously the SSID will be different for every PSP, but the SSID itself is a property of the wireless network, not the PSP itself, you're just entering it into the PSP so it can recognise and access that network.

How do you get PSP network?

You can get network on your PSP by getting a network router.

Ive heard that I can play my Playstation 3 with my Psp is this true and what do I need to due this?

This feature is called remote connectivity, which is done via a wirless connection. All you need to set this up is a playstation 3 and the psp. Set up a wireless connection on your ps3 using the information from your psp's network settings then return to the psp and choose the connection you just created.

Do you have to have a certain software to download games on a psp?

No, all you need is a wireless internet connection. The PSP can connect to the PlayStation Network from its menu bar, the games are purchased and downloaded from there.

How do you get a ssid number for a psp 3000?

An SSID is the 'name' for a wireless access point. There's no 'button' for it, but you might mean the option to scan for wireless access points, this is done on the network settings while configuring a network connection on the PSP.

How can you transfer PSP game into your PSP directly from internet?

First you need to connect to the PlayStation Network, where you can buy the game. Once bought, it should have its own download options to download it to PSP over its internet connection.

What is a profile name for PSP?

A profile name is a persons PlayStation Network account Username.