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my psp could not internet play

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Q: What do you do when your psp saids a connection error has occurred?
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On your psp how come it says a connection has occurred when you try to get on the internet?

figure it out yourself

What does error 802F0140 mean on psp go?

That's the error message to say that a Bluetooth connection attempt has failed.

Why is your psp reading communication with server failed A DNS error has occurred?

It happens just wait for a while

What is the meaning of PSP connection error 80410d06?

It means you need to check your password make sure its right

Can your psp 1000 get a virus that disrupts the internet connection and how do you fix it?

i think virus cant disrupt psp internet connection... if it says "internal error' it means wlan is broken or improperly installed... i had it before i turned my wlan on and off rapidly... and it worked .... try it...

When your psp use sign up for Playstation network it gets error connection?

The PSN is currently down due to a security breach last week.

Does the PSP 1000 lcd screen fit on the 2000 PSP system?

the LCD on a psp 1000 dose not fit on a psp 2000. Why you ask the psp 1000 has one connection that connect to the MBO and the psp 2000 has 2 connection that connects to the MBO.

What shall i do when my psp says 'a connection error has occured the attempt to obtain the ip address timed out?

don't do anything except look at it ok got it thank you

How do you get free internet on psp?

first u go to youtube and then you type how to get free internet on psp. then their will be many videos sooo choose one of then thenn your problem will be prob is that i did everything then they say error in connection see security options??

You attempt to get Internet on psp but it says error occurred attempt to obtain IP address timed out and what do you have to do to fix it?

Your wireless internet signal is to weak move closer to it or find a new one.

What do you need for internet on your psp?

a WiFi connection...

How do you fix psp theme error 80551001?

error 80551001 in PlayStation Store