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Because it updates the PSP not the network.

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Q: Why does your psp say system update instead of network update?
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How do you update playstation network for your psp?

You don't 'update the PSN', you update the PSP's firmware from the Settings menu on the XMB.

How do you get PSP network on original PSP?

update to 3.5 on psn

How do you update the flash player on your PSP?

to update your psp, you could just download it from the browser or use the network update on your psp. check out this fun addicting game online

What update do you need for playstation network for psp?

'The latest', always.

How do you update a chipped PSP?

To update a chipped PSP, a person must use the system update function manually. From there, the chipped PSP must be upgraded to version 6.60.

How to update your PSP System version 5.01 to be able to download games from Sony online store?

First go to the TOOLS Menu then select Network Update and follow the instructions.

Can the psp 1003 connect to playstation network?

yes it can as long as you update it

Does the system update stay with the PSP if you get a new memory card?

Yes , its system update not memory card update

When is the next system update for psp?


How can one get a PSP update on their PSP?

Sony offers three different ways to update a PSP's firmware. These three ways include updating directly via system update, update from a UMD, and update via a PC (Windows or Mac).

How do you you update your PSP?

In the PSP's XMD scroll across to setting. After that, go to the very top and you should see System Updates. Click it and it will go through the network connection pages and then start checking for new updates. When it asks if you want to download and install it click yes. Be warned it takes a lot of power to download and install the updates. have fun :)

How can you upgrade psp new firmware 4.05?

If you scroll across to 'Settings' on your PSP's menu bar, there is a 'Network Update' option. Selecting this will download the latest firmware update.