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For starters, if you want all the 'woohoo' and 'try for baby' options etc for teens, you'll have to install a mod (modthesims). Mods are really confusing and tricky to download so good luck if you want to do it that way.

But here's an easier way.

Make a male young adult sim and a female teen sim.

Hold "CTRL, Shift, C" for the cheat box to appear. Type in "TestingCheatsenabled true" (without quotations).

Hit enter and hold shift on the female sim.

Click "Trigger age transition" and the teen will turn into a young adult.

Next, flirt with the male sim until you start dating (Before the next step, you can choose if you want the sims to get married or just be boyfriend and girlfriend).

Once they are in a relationship, make sure to buy a double bed, then click the 'Relax' option on the bed for both sims. There will be many options. Click either woohoo or try for baby (Try for baby gives you a much better chance of getting pregnant). You'll know if your female sim is pregnant becayse a chime sound will occur. If not, from then on during the pregnancy, the try for baby ability is no longer selectable. Your female sim will also have nausea and back pains. So if she vomits in the toilet, that's a sign shes pregnant.

After 3 sim days, your sim will give birth.

Buy a baby cot, and place the baby in it.

Hold "Shift" on the female sim, and click "Edit in Create a Sim" option.

Make the female sim a teenager then click accept. Do the same thing for the male sim. The baby will still be there and the two teenagers will be classified as the baby's parents if you see in the relationships section.

*NOTE: If you dont want your teen sims to fail school, and want to send them to school, you can. But if the "Call a babysitter" option doesnt come up, then the baby/toddler will have no one to take care of it and will get negative moodlets and low needs. If a baby is starving and doesnt get fed, the social worker will take it away.*

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Q: What is the cheat for the Sims 3 teen pregnancy?
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