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Unfortunately there is no Sims 3 cheat that maximises all skills...yet.

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Q: Is there a cheat that maximizes all skills on the sims 3?
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How do you max all your skills on the sims 2 pets PC?

Just use the boolprop cheat in the neighborhood and go to your skills and just click and drag on them.

Why is there no psp cheats for sims castaway?

There are cheats in The Sims 2: Castaway: Max Skills, All Plans, All Relationships, Maximum food and resources. But first, you have to unlock the Cheat Gnome. To unlock the Cheat Gnome: Left Trigger Right Trigger Up X Right Trigger

What the cheat for all sims motives happy in get a life?

how do you get a baby in sims pets2

What is the cheat to max all the Sims' motives on The original Sims for ps2?

look online at

Is there a motive cheat for the sims 1?

There isn't a max motives cheat for Sims 1, you just have to work hard on keeping all of their needs up.

What is Fire code cheat for sims 2 on ps2?

All though There is the fire code there is no cheat for it

Is there a max all motives cheat for the sims on PC?


How do you fill the mood bar on sims pet stories is there a cheat for that?

maxmotives is the cheat that instantly puts your Sims in good moods and turns all mood bars green.

Is there a cheat in sims 2 to make your sim better at school?

Well there is no cheat all you have to do is make your Sims do their homework. If you have Sims 2 Seasons you have your sim drink apple juice before they do their homework. It will help them do it faster.

Sims 2 cheats to get your sims bar green?

Bring up the cheat bar and type in maxmotives, it will refresh all of the Sims needs.

Is there a max all motives cheat for sims 2 pets?

No sorry there is no motive cheat on the sims pets. Edit: There is none for Sims Pets, but there is one for Sims 2 Pets. It is 'maxMotives', also type in 'help' in the Sims 2. That will give you a large list of cheats. Note: Must be in Sims 2, or it will not work.

Is there a max out your skills cheat on the sims 2 double deluxe?

Yes there is. you need to ctrl shift c and enter boolProp testingcheatsEnabled true and shift left click on a sim and there are options and if you click on skills iit says max all and click on tht and your skills will be maxed