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Bring up the cheat bar and type in maxmotives, it will refresh all of the Sims needs.

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Q: Sims 2 cheats to get your sims bar green?
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How do you remove the cheats bar from the sims 2?

Type Exit

What is the easiest way to raise your sims health bar in The Sims?

If its on a PC use cheats if on another one, i don't know, probably still cheats!

In the sims 2 pets for the ps2 how can you get a breakfeast bar?

there is no breakfeast bar in sims 2 pets

How do you fill the mood bar on sims pet stories is there a cheat for that?

maxmotives is the cheat that instantly puts your Sims in good moods and turns all mood bars green.

House cheats for The Sims 2?

useful cheats for sims 2 is moveobjects on true = to move things not able to before boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true = to rise energy and skills motherlode = 50,000$ kaching = 1,000$ exit = to exit cheat bar cheat bar up = press ctrl, shift, c

Cheats on sims 3?

First you must get the cheat bar up (CTRL shirf C) Motherlode - $50,000 Kaching- $1000 Help-Shows some cheats

What are cheats on sims 2?

Press ctrl +alt +c at the same time.A bar at the top of the screen should appear.Type in motherlode for 50,000 simoleons,katcher for 1,000 simoleons. maxmotives to fill your sims needs.

Can your Sims get divorced on the Sims Bustin Out?

you get the kids in a 3 bar green mode and study. your kids should get $100 from grandma or grandpa and keep in school with A+ to advance

Where do your sims go when you move them out?

When your sims move out they go to the family bar in the neighborhood screen

What sims 3 expansion pack has the pull up bar?

Sims 3 showtime !

What cheats do you need to get the exclusive items on Sims 2 deluxe?

if u want to get expensive items, u can use the big cash cheat! hold ctrl, shift and c and a bar for cheats comes up at the top. type in "motherlode" spelt like that and your sims will earn 50,000 cash!

What kind of cheats are on Sims 2 double deluxe?

If you open up your cheat bar, ctrl-shift-c, and type help most of the cheats are shown. Whether you have used them before or not.