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Q: What is the chance of finding a legendary pokemon on Pokemon Vortex?
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Is cryogonal a legendary in Pokemon Vortex?

no he is not

What is the name for haxorus in Pokemon Vortex?

it is legendary

Is there a cheat to capture legendary Pokémon in Pokemon vortex?

nope there is no cheat in Pokemon vortex unless you play on computer

What are all the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Vortex?

walk around randomly or buy them at the pokemart

What do you have to do to get legendary Pokemon on pk vortex?

Use a master ball

How do you catch a legendary in Pokemon Vortex?

It's simpler if you buy a Masterball and have high stat Pokemon.

Is lumineon a legendary in Pokemon Vortex?

Umar yes it is legendary, But it is very rare to find

Is darkrown legendary?

There is no such Pokemon as darkrown. If you mean Darkrai, then the answer is yes he is. I consider him to be a legendary pokemon. Please, get the names right. Darkrown is a Fakemon in the online game, Pokemon Vortex.

How do you unlock legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Vortex?

Get all badges and beat all elite 4's and champions

Do you only need to defeat gym leaders and elite 4 to get a legendary on Pokemon Vortex?

No you need to see the lengendary pokemon

What are the legendary pokemon names in Pokemon Vortex?

Legends:Shaymin (Sky)CelebiLatiosLatiasRayquazaShayminMewCresseliaAzelfUxieMespritVirizionGenesectManaphyPhioneSuicuneKeldeoArticuno SuicuneLugiaRegiceKyuremGroudonArceusRegigigasPalkiaDialgaDeoxysJirachiRegisteelRegirockMewtwoCobalionTerrakionVirizionReshiramZekromKyuremGenesectTornadusLandorusKyogreLugiaKeldeoMewGiratinaRotomMespritAzelfUxieCelebiDarkrownDarkraiZapdos RaikouJirachiDarkraiDarkrownThundurusZekromGenesectHeatranHo-ohMoltresEnteiReshiramVictiniIf I Have Typed Dobled Times The Pokemon Name Plzz Improve The Answer!

How long does it take to find a legendary in Pokemon Vortex?

10 minutes to 30 minutes