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yes you have to defeat all the champions before catching a legendary pokemon

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Q: Do you have to beat the champions before you catch legendaries on Pokemon Vortex?
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Can Groudon be battled twice in ruby?

No, you can't I recommend saving your game before battling rare Pokemon or legendaries.

How do you find a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Vortex?

You need to have defeated all the gyms as well as all the E4 before they are released onto the map.

Can you catch legendaries on Pokemon emerald before defeating the elite 4?

yes. you can catch raquazza before you defeat the elite four.. he is in the sky pillar..

Do you get any legendaries before you beat elite four in Pokemon black?

acually there is but not Reshiram or Zecrom but you can get cobalion terrakion and virizion

How do you get shiny legendaries?

All you need to do to get shiny legendaries is save your game right before you fight a legendary and if it isn't shiny than just keep shutting your game off and turning it back on. This works for all versions starting with Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold

What legendaries do you get in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl version before you get the national pokedex?

dalaga(dimond) or palkia(pearl) and azlef mesprit and uxi(sorry about the spelling)

How do you get legendaries without any legendaries?

you don't need legendaries to catch other legendaries. just get a team of Pokemon around the level of the legendary you are trying to catch. weaken it until it is about to faint, and if you can put it to sleep or paralyze it, do that. then just keep throwing ultra balls until you catch it. just in case you don't catch, i recommend saving right before you start a battle with a legendary.

How do you catch legendaries in pokemon ruby?

Legendaries are the most difficult to capture, weaken them to red hp then inflict a status problem on them like sleep or paralyze then continually throw ultra balls if the Pokemon is a water type like kyogre try using net balls, if you owned this Pokemon before use a repeat ball.

If you defeat a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon heartgold version will it come back?

Nope! Like other legendaries in previous games, catching one is a one-time opportunity! Prepare your party and save the game before you make the attempt.

Pokemon Platinum how to find legengendary Pokemon?

in Pokemon platinum the legendaries listed as are: before national dex: Giratina Uxie Azelf Mespirit Rotom(possibly legendary) after national dex: Dialga Palkia Zapdos Articuno Moltres Heatran Cresselia event only: Regice Regirock Registeel Regigigas Darkrai Shaymin Arceus integrate only: All previous legendaries from LG/FR and R/S/E Manaphy (Pokemon ranger) eggs only: Phione if im missing any let me know you`re missing Mewtwo

What is the difference between Pokemon black and Pokemon white?

This has been answered many times before. Anyway... Pokemon are different (e.g. main legendary), places are different (e.g. Black City / White Forest), and there are different battles.

Do legendaries come back to life in soul silver?

No they don't come back to life, after you beat them they are gone I would sedgiest you save before you you take to the rare Pokemon unless you have a lot of master balls from modifying it. I hope this helped.