Is darkrown legendary

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is no such Pokemon as darkrown.

If you mean Darkrai, then the answer is yes he is. I consider him to be a legendary pokemon. Please, get the names right.

Darkrown is a Fakemon in the online game, Pokemon Vortex.

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Q: Is darkrown legendary
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Where is darkrown in Pokemon Vortex?

after you defeat everyone legendary pokemon appear in the wild.I found darkrown in a tunnel map the first one. by namansingh

How do you get darkrown?

DARKROWN is a fake lengend.

How does Darkrown come?

Darkrown is a fake Pokemon but if you play POKEMON Vortex you can catch it

What is better darkrown or darkai?

First off all Darkrown is not a Pokemon but you can catch one in you might get suspended page but anyway both of them are good because darkrown has a body that looks like a cape but darkai can just give Darkrown a Nightmare.(you can get a night mare too)

Does darkrai evolve?

No Darkrai cant evolve it is a legendary. The legendarys cant evolve they only shift form! There is a rumor though that drakrai evolves into darkrown. google it and look at it in the game

Does Darkrai evolve into darkrown?

Darkrai does not evolve

Is there an action replay code for darkrown in Pokemon HeartGold?


What are the fake Pokemon in Pokemonvortexcom?

They are Darkrown Caterpie (Christmas form) Mewtwo (Armored) PS if you got any give it to me my User name is Poke master87

Who is darkrown?

Darkrais evolution. team fusion had captured darkrai and forced him to evolve and made him much stronger ( like mewtwo). he is not in the pokedex because he is not a real pokemon but you can catch him in pokemon vortex

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