What is the best rotom form?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Not everyone agrees on the best Rotom form, however, the most used form is Rotom-H. The second most used form is the Rotom-W.

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Q: What is the best rotom form?
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How do you get the other formed Rotom?

There is no other form of Rotom.

How do rotom forms affect Rotom?

1.They change the way Rotom normal form looks. 2.Each form Rotom transforms into, Rotom will try to learn a certain move. 3.A form name will be added to Rotom's name like MOW Rotom, HEAT Rotom, etc. it willl also change its ghost type to something else

How do you change Rotom's form in platinum?

fist you need to have a rotom then get the secret key

What happens to Rotom when he changes form?

The stats increases and Rotom learns a new attack depending on what form you choose.

What happens when you have five Eevees in Rumble?

ummmmmmm it do nothing.but if you have eevee evolution like jolteon glaceon flareon and if you have rotom try this: delete rotom+flareon=get heat rotom. when you have all the rotom in all the form delete all the 5 form of rotom and you will have darkrai!! Hope i helped

How can you change the form of Rotom?

Rotom changes form by interacting with various appliances in the warehouse in Eterna City & Silph Co.

How do you get Rotom secret form with no wifi?

There is no other way to get rotom withhout wi fi

How do you change Rotom's form in Diamond?

You can't. Not that I know of, anyways. You can only change his form in Platinum with rotom's key or something.

Are there any new Rotom forms in Pokemon platinum?

I think there are 4 ummm lets see... # Refigerator Rotom # Fan Rotom # Lawn Mower Rotom and # Dishwasher Rotom i think == == ________________________________________________________________________ you are right, but there's 1 more form... 5. Oven Rotom

How do you get all forms of Rotom on pkmn pearl?

You can only get 1 form because you can only get one rotom on the game its self. if you trade more then 1 rotom to the same game THEN you can get more then 1 form.

How do you get a Rotom to change form without a Rotom key?

The only way to change forms is to have the Secret Key. Sorry!

How good is Rotom in its normal form?

It is rather average.