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You need a rotom then you can get to the next floor where you can change rotoms form and to get rotom you have to trade from diamond pearl platinum

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Q: How do you get into silph co in heartgold?
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Where to find silph co in heartgold?

saffron city

How do you get Blaziken in Pokemon HeartGold?

Talk to Steven in silph co. after beating trainer red

Can you get hoegn starters in HeartGold?

Yes, but you must see Steven in the Silph Co. after beating Red.

Where is the abandoned silph co. building in Pokemon heartgold?

saffron city (in Kanto) and it is not abandoned anymore

How do you get the Hoenn starter on HeartGold?

After defeating Red at Mt. Silver, Steven Stone will be at the Silph. Co and he will give you one there.

Where do you get the silph co?

Silph co is in saffron city.

Why is silph Co empty in heartgold and soulsilver?

I posed this question becuase the answer was really hard to find. If silph co has no people in it at all it's because you have rotom in your party. Silph co's main purpose is to transform rotom, but when you enter the building with him in your party the place is vacant. All you have to do is go in without him in your party and there will at least be a man at the desk.

Where is the Silph co in Pokemon platinum?

there is no silph co in that game

How do you get one of the three starter Pokemon of the Hoenn region i pokemon heartgold?

You can get them by visiting Steven Stone at Silph Co. after you defeated Red.

Where to find Steven to trade with him in soul silver?

i'm not sure in soulsilver but in heartgold after seeing him in the pewter museum you can trade him at silph co

What do you do in silph co the building in saffron when the elevator is out of oder?

In the Silph Co. building in HeartGold and SoulSilver, in order to gain access to the second floor, Steven Stone cannot be in the lobby and you also must have a Rotom be the lead Pokémon in your party.

Where in silph co is steven in Pokemon heart gold?

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, you can access the 1st floor of Silph Co. as soon as you enter Saffron City however you can't go into the elevator in order to get to the 2nd floor unless you have a Rotom as your lead Pokemon.