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The best shield for a non member in stat wise is the Rune Kite shield however if you want rarity the You can go for one with a trim in the colour of the runescape gods.

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โˆ™ 2012-01-30 23:01:12
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Q: What is the best non member shield in runescape?
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What is the BEST shield to buy on Runescape if your defense is level 60?

The best shield for non-members is a rune kiteshield. The best member's shield is dragon sq shield at 60 def.

What is the best non member armor in runescape?


What is the best runescape shield type for non member?

Should be either Rune [trimmed or gold trimmed etc] Or Saradomin/Zamorak/Guthix kiteshield. Hope this helps:)

Runescape What is the best non member shield?

Rune Berserker shield 100 is the best you can get in f2p. You can get it from Fist of Guthix by using 300 tokens or buy Rune berserker shield 0 from Grand Exchange and repair it in Fist of Guthix to 100 by using the Rune berserker shield 0 to the 1 who sell's the stuff? Was it Reggie?

Where is the best place to mine silver in runescape?

member- not sure non member- the crafting guild has the most silver ore in free to play runescape

Runescape Is jackscape a member?

They are a non-member/ free player.

Where do you buy shields on RuneScape?

ok well there are two non member places i know of. either A. the shield shop in falador, or B. the grand exchange

What is a good runescape ranging shield costing 30k-60k?

If it is a shield with good defense against ranged attacks your best bet is: Members: Granite Shield Non Members: Rune Kiteshield

Can you get a scife as a non-member in runescape?

yes you can get a scife as a non member but you had to do the haloween event in about 2003.

Can someone be my range buddy non member in runescape?

i can

What is the highest level a non member can get to on runescape?


Runescape the best melee armor non-member?

Full Rune is the current best melee Armour for free to play characters.

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