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Only members can use construction to make a house on runescape and you cannot get a castle so unfortunately non-members cannot make one but Jagex created a new skill for non-members so you can do the new skill if you are a non-member

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Q: Can a non-member get a house or castle on runescape?
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Where should a level 52 nonmember train on on runescape?

Yo momas house

RuneScape How do you get 99 strength nonmember?

By fighting.

What is most expensive nonmember cape in runescape?


Can you dig up items like armour and weapons in the runescape nonmember wilderness?


What is the best nonmember food to eat on Runescape?

sword fish is the best non members food

How can a nonmember in runescape in get to Deamonheim?

There is a boat west of the Al-Karid bank. Take it and you will find yourself on the island.

Were can you catch trout in RuneScape?

Barbarian Village, Lumbridge (near goblin house opposite lumbridge castle)

Where is dummy in RuneScape?

Dummies are located North of Lumbridge castle and East Varrock in a house across from the bank.

What is the fastest way for a nonmember to make money on runescape?

go to the house where you start vampire slayer in draynor villaige go upstairs open the drawers collect a full inventory of garlic deposit in the bank repeat :)

How do you get charcoal if you are a nonmember on runescape?

Ftp players will need to buy it off another player, who's most likely member.

What is the most expencive thing a nonmember can have on runescape?

Either a partyhat, or a Christmas cracker - check the latest prices, they tend to change.

How do you trade a dragon longsword in runescape as a nonmember?

You can't. The only "dragon" items you can even see as a nonmember are corrupted dragon items or green d'hide outfits. All other items show up as "members item"