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sword fish is the best non members food

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Q: What is the best nonmember food to eat on Runescape?
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What is the best type of fish to eat on runescape?


What food do you feed your dog in runescape?

Dogs eat Raw Meat.

What is the best to eat on RuneScape if your a noob?

Probably salmon. But it depends. The food that heals the most out all non-member food is Anchovy Pizza. It heals 14. But the main food that people use to heal are lobsters.

Where do you eat cake on runescape?

You can eat cake anywhere, the best place to make it and eat would be at a player owned house.

What type of food do magpies eat on runescape?

Magpie's do not eat anything in runescape. They are a summoning familiar that is used to collect "shiny objects." They have a chance of randomly finding jems and rings throughout the period that they are summoned.

What food to eat to get periods?

sandwich is the best food to eat in urgent period

What is the best food to eat now?

The best food to eat now is lobsters from ss-dion in bristol,RI.

What is Argentina best food to eat?

Mexican food

Runescape-how to get the pressure gauge from the fountain?

look for poision in house and fish food. use the poision on the fish food and let the fishys eat up

What kind of fish do swordfish eat in RuneScape?

In runescape, players catch and eat swordfish, but no animal you can eat eats anything.

What food eat to get urgent period?

sandwich is the best food to eat in urgent period

What do penguins in runescape eat?

There is not much mention (if any) in the game about penguin food. In any case, it's not relevant to gameplay.