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Not directly at castle wars, but nearby-ish yes, keep heading east along the castle wars wall.

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Q: Are there teak trees at castle wars on runescape?
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Where to find teak trees on runescape?

One location is south-west of castle wars. Also, Ape Atoll, south-east, near the cave entrance. Look for the rare tree icon, in the minimap or world map.For additional locations, search for "teak tree".

Is castle wars on runescape members only?

Yes, Castle Wars is a members-only activity.

RuneScape where are there ogres?

There are some near the Castle Wars minigame area.

Where can one play Castle wars?

Castle Wars, the combat-based mini-game is available for play by members only on Runescape. The official worlds for Castle Wars are worlds 24, 52 and 59.

Is runescape castle wars armor good?

Castle Wars Armour:Red - Has Defense equal to Steel.Silver - Has Defense equal to MithrilGold - Has Defense equal to Adamant

Do you lose all of your items if you die during castle wars in runescape?

In the castle wars minigame you do not lose any of your items.It is a safe minigame,all items are kept if you die during the castle wars minigame.

Runescape Where is the hunter master?

feldip hills, south east of castle wars

How do you get a hood on RuneScape?

you can buy one at castle wars or you have to get a level 99 skill.

Do the new god halo's on runescape obtained from castle wars have any level requirements?

no, you just need 300 castle wars tickets to buy one

Where do you find hill giants on runescape?

near clan wars near castle wars in lvl 58wildy in a hotspot in a cave

Where to get basic decorative armor in RuneScape?

You go to castle wars and win some tickets, talk to the person in the middle of the castle wars place. He has potions, armour, capes and allsorts

On runescape in castle wars do you have to provide your own runes?

The answer is yes. You do need to supply your own runes.